Thursday, January 19, 2012


I went to "Bread and Butter Society" in Exeter today. However on the drive there I noticed that I had a lot of pain in my hand, specifically from the knuckle of my thumb up to my wrist. By the time I arrived I couldn't carry anything with that hand - and of course it is my right hand. Even though I couldn't sew or cut anything I stayed and enjoyed the conversation.
Linda gave me ice for it and I tried Advil all to no avail. I couldn't hold my rotary cutter. This isn't good since I need to use that hand for everything. I decided to go to the Doctor and she looked at it and examined my hand and decided I had tendinitis in my thumb area. She advised me to ice it and wear my splint. No - I don't like that advice since I can't do anything with my splint on (yes I know that is the idea).
I have quilts that need quilted (well only 3 right now) but I was hoping to get some of my own quilts quilted on the frame.
Well enough complaining - I will do as the doctor suggested until Monday and then hopefully it will all be fine and if it isn't then I guess I will go back to the doctor. 
I hope your day has been better than mine.

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